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(St)out of the Cellar – Poodle Rock meets Craft Beer!

Question: take the lead singer of a mega-hit Swedish metal band, a whisky-loving record label talent spotter and one of Sweden’s leading craft breweries. Then add a liberal helping of spandex, big hair, a huge stout, whisky casks and two of Stockholm’s most revered beer bars and what do you get?


I love everything to do with this (including, hopefully, the beers themselves if I manged to get a sip of them tomorrow). Fun concept and branding, an opportunity for one of Sweden’s more ‘eloquent’ craft breweries to let their hair down a bit and if nothing else an excuse for those of us old enough to remember to listen to a bit of long forgotten Ratt & Roll!

I’m most looking forward to meeting Nils Oscar’s head brewer Patrick ‘Necrobrewer’ Holmqvist and will be disappointed if I don’t see poodle hair, black eye-liner and lots and lots of air guitar!

See you there?

Ps: there will only be 30 (!) bottles of each beer available at Oliver Twist and Akkurat respectively so I recommend you get to the party on time!

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SBWF 2012 – much more than just another beer show

Over the past 20 years the Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival has unquestionably established itself as one of the preeminent beer events in the world.

Unlike the Great British Beer Festival the SBWF has gladly embraced the new wave of craft breweries, making the Autumn trip to Nacka Strandsmässan something of an annual pilgrimage for fans of both modern and classic beer alike.

And like moths to a flame we come in our thousands, not just to attend the festival itself but also to hang out and drink suds at the satellite events and happenings that spring up in Stockholm around the same time.

In fact chances are you’re more likely to get some face time with many of Europe’s most popular brewers outside of the festival hall as you will inside it.

Take the Bishops Arms in Vasagatan for example, which once again is ensuring the party continues long after the festival shuts with a packed line-up of daily beer treats. And once again BeerSweden is proud to be a co-sponsor of all the fun!

As well as keeping the kitchen open till 2.30am for hungry festival-goers and tapping a dizzy amount of hard-to-get beers the pub is staging a series of ‘mini’ Beer Makers Dinners during the first week of the SBWF hosted by brewers from Thornbridge, Moor, Summer Wine and Redchurch Brewery.

If you’re in town a few days before the festival kicks into life then why not join the BA in celebrating its 5th anniversary (boy does time fly!) on Tuesday, September 25th when celebrated chef Norbert Lang, winner of the Gastronomiska Akademiens gold medal, will present a five course menu carefully matched to beer.  

For full details of all the events get in touch with the BA team at Vasagatan and book your seats.

If you’ve ever met brewers you’ll know that in general they are a happy-go-lucky lot. After all, if brewing beer doesn’t put a smile on your face you’re clearly in the wrong business.

I’ve met a whole bunch of brewers but I don’t think I’ve ever seen any smile so much as the gang from Ska Brewing in the USA, who not only brew awesome beer (Modus Hoperandi anyone?) but have a blast doing it.

Ska’s co-founder Matt Vincent and the illustriously named Arlo Grammatica will be at SBWF legend Oliver Twist on Wednesday, October 3rd and trust me, two members of the Ska team is more than enough to ensure a wild night out!

But clearly not enough for the OT gang who are also rolling out the brewers from hip UK craft brewery Magic Rock Brewing.




Unmissable? I think so. See you there?

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Infamous Naked Man Spotted in Stockholm Bar!

The infamous naked man that over the past 24 hours has been spotted ‘hanging out’ around the world has now apparently been spotted at a popular Swedish beer bar!

BeerSweden has been unable to contact Oliver Twist in Stockholm’s trendy Södermalm for confirmation of the sighting but the photographic evidence seems overwhelming.


The internet is currently flooded with sightings of the naked man, who has been snapped near famous world landmarks, in classical paintings and even in a South Park cartoon. If you’ve got a picture of the naked man in Sweden please send it in to me at darren@beersweden.se so I can post it here!




(For those wondering – explanation here)






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Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival 2011 – Part 2

Have you ever heard of a supermarket trolley dash prize? You’re given a few minutes and an empty trolley which you can fill with whatever you can grab from the shelves before your time is up.

Sometimes beer festivals can feel like that.

With so many beers, so many happenings and so little time it’s sometimes difficult to know where to begin.

I’m not a huge fan of lists (I am, after all, the World’s Worst Ticker) but I do have a personal checklist of things I want to try at this year’s show and thought I would share it with you:

Eskilstuna Ölkultur, Pang Pang Brewery, Södra Maltfabriken and World’s Smallest Brewery (world’s coolest brewery name?) are among those making their first appearances at the festival this year so go along and give them all a big hug (and try their beers).

Oppigårds’ stand is always a must-visit, not just because of the Klassisk IPA they’re serving up (Ed note: this is not the only ‘old-world’ IPA coming to the show this year. Do I detect the start of a new beery trend?) but because they’ll actually be brewing beer on their stand on the first Thursday of the show. Cool initiative!

Last year's powerhouse Ace of Spades was a big hit. And this year....?

Who can forget Sigtuna’s Ace of Spades when it was released to huge critical acclaim last year? Well this year’s version promises to be different but equally outrageous and you’ll be able to try it first at Sigtuna’s stand.

Pilsner Urquell are rolling out their 2,700 litre barrel once again offering you a rare chance to try the original golden beer in all its unpasteurised and unfiltered glory.

Cask Sweden are letting the dogs out this year with a huge selection of BrewDog beers, including the läskigt and läskande Ghost Deer, which at 28% is the world’s strongest (non freeze distilled) beer. Oh. I should also mention for those of you brave enough to try it that it is poured from the mouth of a deer. BrewDog James will be at the festival during all days of the second week of the show and will be giving Master Classes every day (together with yours truly).


If you wear one of these badges at this year's show you are 615.2% more likely to find romance. Allegedly.

Brill’s stand is one of the first you encounter when you enter the hall and one of the hardest to leave, with the beery pulling power of a black hole (rather appropriate really).  It’s also the place to go and pick up your free and exclusive BSF badge if you’re a BeerSweden Forum member. That way you can not only walk around the festival knowing you’re cooler than a polar bear’s toenails but fellow BSF-ers will be able to pick you out among the crowd. Who knows, it may be the start of an amazing beer friendship!

The Oliver Twist/Brewers Association stand is another place I guarantee you will happily lose a few hours. THE place to try your way through some of the very best US beers out there today in friendly sample measures, including, I note, some of the increasingly hard-to-get Dogfish Head beers. Go there. Nuff said.

One of my highlights of last year’s show was the Danish section and this year the invasion continues with Elixir Wines once again bringing over no fewer than 7 Danish breweries (and this one from Norway), including Amager, Raasted and Djævlebryg.

Carnegie Porter is an underestimated Swedish beer classic in my book (I’ve been lucky to taste delicious vintages as far back as 1988) but if you ever needed an excuse to discover it again this is the year to do it with the special limited release of Carnegie Porter Jubileumsbryggd brewed together with Brooklyn Brewery to celebrate the beer’s 175th anniversary. Grab a sample from Carlsberg’s stand at the show.

Lastly if a day at the beer festival isn’t quite enough there’s the ‘efterfest’ every night after the show at the Bishops Arms in Vasagatan. Here you’re pretty likely to bump into some of your favourite brewers and can grab a midnight snack with the kitchen staying open extra late and the bar serving some pretty amazing beers until 3am.

I realise I’ve missed out a lot of great stuff trying to keep this list ‘short’ (like these ones, or the Black IPA from this lot) but I hope you get a sense of how epic this show promises to be. So dive in, ask questions, explore beer styles you’ve never tried before and most of all have loads of fun. 

And if you see a guy in glasses wearing a BeerSweden T-shirt and a thirsty look on his face come up and say hi. It might just be me :)


















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10,000 Reasons to Celebrate Today!

At some point today members over at the BeerSweden Forum will notch up 10,000 posts, confirming the new beery hang-out’s growing reputation as the most active beer forum in Sweden.

Since we opened the doors just over two months ago we’ve been busy rating, reviewing, ranting and revelling in our favourite drink. If you like statistics then you might like to know that to date we’ve recorded over 166,000 topic views and the most popular forum by far is Ölprat with over 67,000 views followed by The Beervine with 34,000.

This is what it's really all about! Making freinds and drinking beer at the first ever BSF meet-up!

Wednesday July 13th was the most popular day to post so far with 316 posts (!) and 3 members (plus the prolific Manker) have amazingly already passed the 400 post mark.

Favourite posts so far? For me the thread “Det är bland det värsta jag vet när..” is a great way of letting off steam about everything (except beer it seems) from roundabouts to eating smelly food on the bus.

I also like Presentera dig själv when I want to learn a little bit more about my fellow BSF-ers and “Här är jag! (Krograpporten)” for tips on what people are drinking and where.

But, for me, the best thing to happen so far as a result of the forum was the first ever BSF meet-up in Stockholm earlier this week when a gang of us turned an ordinary Tuesday evening into something far more entertaining as we shared beers and stories at two of the city’s best beer bars.

Those nice people at OT gave us the chance to try four different vintages of Old Stock Ale. 2009 was my personal fav!

After a great dinner at Oliver Twist with BSF mods Manker and GoSatta (poor old Daniel spent the evening at the A&E with a suspected sprained ankle) we hooked up with a lively gang of BSF-ers at Akkurat and got stuck into their draft beers with notable gusto, particularly the Grassroots/Cigar City Neither, a double IPA with a whopping 9.25% ABV that seems to have been many member’s favourite of the night.

Then happily fortified against the windy weather we made the short walk up to Oliver Twist where we spent the rest of the evening drinking some amazing beers. High on my list of stand-outs was the vertical tasting of North Coast’s Old Stock Ale from 2008-2011 (for me the 2009 shone brightest) and the chance to try some vintage bottles of Old Rasputin Anniversary Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout and Avery Hog Heaven.

We also got a rare chance to sip this little monster.

We also got a rare chance to sip this little monster.

So what’s next for the BeerSweden Forum? Well there’s a funky looking new logo on its way (details very soon), talks of more BSF meet-ups in Malmö and Gothenburg and rumour has it something’s being cooked up for the upcoming Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival.

Of course to find out more about all these beery goings-on you really should register to be a member of the forum. It’s totally free, takes seconds and really is a great and relaxed place to learn more about beer.

See you in there!


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Dear blog.

By the time you read this letter I’ll be gone. I’ve left to travel to Scotland for a few days to brew some beer with those guys again. Rumour has it I may even get a chance to mash in on an upcoming Abstrakt beer! I hear it could be black, extremely imperial, involve whisky casks and some sort of fruit, so I’ve taken my video camera with me and will try and capture some exclusive footage for you.

I’ll promise to try and keep in touch while I’m over there but you know how it is sometimes. Luckily BeerSweden Trev has one of those ‘live’ episodes of BSTV lined up featuring none other that Black Tokyo Horizon (which, you’ll be pleased to hear, is probably the first ever video review of this amazing beer), so make sure you watch out for that.

I'm taking to the open road later this month!

I also wanted to tell you about a few other things that are coming up in what promises to be the craziest month of my beery career ever. Any of your followers who live in or around Umeå are in for a real treat between now and Christmas with my monthly beer club at Duå kicking off again in September after the summer recess. The first tasting (two sittings) takes place on Friday September 16th and the theme is ‘No Monks Allowed – An Alternative Belgium Beer Tasting’. Pretty much speaks for itself doesn’t it! You’re supposed to get in touch with Duå in Umeå on 090-7800303 to book your place.

Before that on Tuesday 13th September I’ll be in Stockholm for the first ever BeerSweden Forum meet-up.  The fun starts at Akkurat at 8pm and finishes up at Oliver Twist. It promises to be a night of great beer and the chance for BSF members to get to know each other IRL (In Real Life). Your followers who use Facebook can let me know if they’re coming here.

After that things really start picking up speed. I’m hitting the road for a four day road trip through southern Sweden between September 20-23rd, starting with a BrewDog food and beer pairing event at De Klomp in Linköping, before cruising by some great beer bars on our way to Gothenburg, where we’ll round things off on the night of the 22nd September with a huge BrewDog total tap takeover party at the Bishops Arms Plaza.  It’s going to be epic – sort of like Thelma and Louise with penguins. 

The following week the Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival 2011 kicks off but that, as they say, is a whole new story….

Look after yourself while I’m away (and keep an eye on Ingrid and that BeerSweden Forum for me). Missing you already!





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After Work Friday! Beer – Brooklyn Summer Ale

It’s Friday 13th today so I’m being extra careful to avoid black cats, dropping or breaking anything, crossing roads, eating peanuts or tying my shoelaces. In fact I’m writing this weekly update from my bed, where I plan to stay until Saturday, with only occasional and very short excursions to the fridge to get a cold beer.

Excuse me for interupting but is this the way to söder?

This week the ‘man on everyone’s lips’ (which was perhaps the most unfortunate thing I said this week) known as Tjinooken was finally unmasked and his beer served to expectant crowds at Oliver Twist and Akkurat.

And following the hype comes the hyperbole for a new lager brewed by Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri that will become a regular feature in both the pubs in Stockholm’s ‘söder’.

Tjockhult Tjinook is a beer that first and foremost is designed to be refreshing and easy to drink, with chinook hops (supported by a dash of citra and centennial) lending their light, citrus flavours. The reaction to its launch this week was overwhelming positive (kegs were drained faster than Ingrid for goodness sake) so if you’re wandering around söder in the near future you might want to pop in and try it. Oh, and if you see a bedraggled looking character snoring under a bridge nearby throw him some spare change – it may just be Tjinooken!

This was also the week I announced that it’s London Baby! for BeerSweden next weekend as I travel to the UK as the only Swedish representative at the first ever European Beer Bloggers Conference. I won’t be alone however, with Mattias and Jessica to keep me company and also beers from NYAB and Oppigårds to pour out among the delegates.

Romeo and Juliet, Bonnie and Clyde, Simon and Garfunkel, Bamse and Skalman – they’re practically inseparable and better as a pair than by themselves don’t you think? The same could be said for burgers and beer, which is the theme of the latest awesome BeerSweden competition I launched this week to celebrate the opening next month of the Bishops Arms ambitious gastro-pub in Linnégatan in Stockholm. Remember to send me your ideal burger and beer combo before June 1st for a chance to win some VIP prizes!

So how am I going to kick the weekend of this week? Well I’ll be popping open a bottle of Brooklyn Summer Ale as my After Work Friday! beer that Brooklyn’s charismatic BrewMaster himself Garret Oliver recently told BeerSweden all about.

The beer is being launched at the Systembolaget on Monday and I can already reveal it’s as summer as Crocs and mosquito repellent.

Have a safe and lucky weekend everyone and don’t forget it’s Småbryggeriernas Dag tomorrow so if you’re lucky enough to live near a Swedish craft brewery then show them your support and drink local!

Cheers and beers!







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Skype Interview #6 – Tjinooken Exposed!

When I said ”the man that has been on the lips of everyone in the beer world” what I really meant to say was ”the man whose name has been on the lips of everyone in the beer world”.

Just so you know.


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‘Tjinooken’ Beer Tank Opened!

As I reported yesterday on the blog the mystery ‘phantom brewer’ known as Tjinooken is still at large – but the mystery surrounding the beer he and his accomplices brewed and locked into a fermentation tank at Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri is a step closer to being solved.

Yesterday Stockholm pub owners Jörgen Hasselqvist from Oliver Twist and Stene Isacsson from Akkurat visited the Swedish craft brewery and using weilding equipment managed to break open the lock and sample the contents inside.

According to an eye witness brewery personnel ”held their breath” while Jörgen and Stene tentatively tasted the golden coloured liquid before letting out jubilant cries when the pair exclaimed: ”This tastes amazing! We’ll take the lot. We don’t give a monkey’s* what Tjinooken thinks!”

The beer will now be served at both Akkurat and Oliver Twist this coming Thursday (May 12th). It is unclear how the fugitive Tjinooken will react to the news his beer has been commandeered . BeerSweden is currently searching the country to secure an exclusive interview with the elusive rogue.

More to follow…….

*In all the excitement this may not have been exactly the expression used. BeerSweden reserves the right to a certain degree of dramatic interpretation.

Almost there...it looked like an episode of American Choppers as Jörgen and Stene broke the lock off the tank.

The excitement was palpable as the first of the beer was poured out.

After a close inspection.....

the beer tasted fantastic!












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Manhunt for Mysterious ‘Tjinooken’ Intensifies

The mysterious beer bandit known as Tjinooken has been spotted again, this time trying to unlock a fermentation tank containing beer that it is alleged he brewed along with three other accomplices after breaking into Nynäshamns Ångbyrggeri last month.

The beer bandit known as Tjinooken was caught on camera trying to attach a hose to a fermentation tank.

The shadowy figure was captured on camera by a member of brewery staff as he frantically tried to remove a number of padlocks and attach a hose to one of the brewery’s fermentation tanks. Upon being discovered he ran off before staff could apprehend him.

According to a source close to Akkurat and Oliver Twist – two of Stockholm’s most popular pubs that are spearheading the hunt for Tjinooken – police have found a set of padlock keys in the söderledstunneln in Stockholm that they believe may belong to the fugitive.

This evidence strengthens the theory that Tjinooken lives or works in the Södermalm area of the capital after a picture believed to be of the culprit carrying a sack of malt stolen from the brewery was taken on the day of the May 1st protest marches.

Brewery staff at Nynäshamns have repeatedly but unsuccessfully tried to break the locks off the fermentation tank in order to examine the liquid inside and it is believed they have now called in a team of experts to assist them.

The mysterious figure managed to escape before brewery staff could stop him

BeerSweden is appealing to the beer community in Sweden to remain calm and vigilant at all times. If you know of the whereabouts of Tjinooken or have any leads on how to contact him please send me a mail at the normal address.

And Tjinooken – if you are reading this -  I urge you to get in touch so you can tell me your side of the story. The beer drinkers of Sweden deserve to know the truth.

Be safe out there everyone.














En oidentifierad person har ikväll gjort ett tafatt försök att låsa upp tanken med det innehåll som vi numera kallar Tjinooken. Jag lyckades komma in i tankrummet just som figuren höll på att koppla på en slang på den låsta tanken. Misstanken om att det är Tjinooken som jag fångade på bild är inte obefogad då det sägs att han har setts vid ett flertal ställen på Södermalm i Stockholm de senaste dagarna. Då bärandes på en maltsäck från vårt bryggeri. Låsen som fortfarande sitter kvar verkar vakta en värdefull skatt…

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